Letter to Cambridge News

In mid September 2018, Andy Campbell wrote to the Cambridge News that Cambridge was badly in need of a bus station fit for the 21st century and that the Bowling Green in Christ’s Pieces was the ideal spot.  The response of Christ’s Pieces Residents’ Association was as follows; published in the Cambridge News on 24th September,2018 under the heading PRECIOUS PARK HERE TO STAY.
‘Andy Campbell has been periodically suggesting a chunk of Christ’s Pieces should be turned into a bus station in recent years.  I wonder if he is unaware there is a covenant covering covering the park.
When Jesus College conveyed Christ’s Pieces to the Borough in 1886 one of the principal stipulations was that the land should be maintained as a public open space in perpetuity and that no buildings should be erected on it.  Within the last few weeks Christ’s Pieces has received the very prestigious Green Flag Award, the Bowling Green being mentioned as a key feature admired by many of our international visitors.
Christ’s Pieces is a small Victorian Park which has retained its individuality, thanks mainly to its covenant protection.  The thought of it being turned into a bus station is preposterous.  Let Stagecoach find a more suitable space somewhere in the vicinity of the railway station.  As has recently  been said there is no room for any more buses in central Cambridge, and people don’t want them.


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